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Man starts petition to prevent train honking at intersection

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A Charlotte attorney is asking neighbors to sign a petition that would create a quiet zone near train intersections in Elizabeth.

Wade Kennedy lives just yards away from a train track, and says the constant noise of the horn is excessive.

"If you parked a Buick in your bedroom and had someone lean on the horn, I mean that was the level of some of the horns," Kennedy said.

The Federal Railroad Administration requires train operators to sound their horn as they approach an intersection. A CSX spokeswoman told WBTV that sounding the horn is a safety measure.

"The trains can't stop on a dime. It's like a semi tractor trailer can't stop on a dime," said Elizabeth resident Melanie Sizemore, who disagrees with the petition.

A spokesperson for the city of Charlotte says the city has no legal jurisdiction when it comes to train tracks, and that the Federal Railroad Administration sets specific guidelines.

Wade Kennedy says he'll continue to push for his petition and that he's hopeful for a compromise.

"What we're asking the city to do is just do the initial assessment. Look at what it would take to put in a quiet zone," he said.

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