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Health Care rule delayed


The White House is delaying a key part of the healthcare reform act. Business with more than 50 employees will now have another year before they are required to provide health insurance to their workers.

Red Rocks owner Ron Herbert received the news Wednesday morning and, "it was like Christmas," he said. "It was going to cost us probably fifty to sixty thousand dollars just yearly."

"It would put people out of business," he says.

To keep that from happening, Herbert says other owners had started to hatch a plan to share employees - to form a kind of unofficial partnership between restaurants that would have them bussing employees back and forth so that say, a bartender, would avoid reaching full-time status under one roof.

"Well, let's see if we can get this guy 28 hours and then make him work another restaurant at 28 hours," Herbert explains. "I don't think the health-care law was designed for that."

Absolutely not, and experts say loopholes in the Affordable Care Act is one reason for today's delay announcement. Herbert hopes lawmakers do more over the next year than make the plan tougher.

"I hope that now maybe they can even meet with the little guys like us so you don't put us out of business," Herbert says. "I believe in health-care for citizens, I think the way federal lawmakers thought about it was wrong."

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