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Rock Hill Police Officers save seven people from burning apartment building


Four Rock Hill police officers are being praised Wednesday night for saving seven people including a pregnant woman from a burning apartment early Tuesday morning.

"You're not even thinking. You don't even think. You just act," said Rock Hill Officer Antoine Logan

And just like that, the four Rock Hill police officers sprung into action Tuesday morning as fire ripped through the Oak Hollow Apartments on York Avenue. 25 people were left without a home.

Officer Larry Vandermolen heard the initial fire call over his scanner and contacted the rest of the crew.

Seven people were rescued by the officers before firefighters showed up, including several children and an expecting mother, who Officer Brent Bruggink caught as she jumped out of her second floor window to escape as flames engulfed her unit.

"I just reached out and said I got you, we're here. I said we're going to catch you, just jump. She did and we caught her," said Officer Brent Bruggink.

"I would hope if that was my family, whether a firefighter or somebody driving by or an officer, heard my kids screaming like that, they would go in and help them out. That was number one for me to help and get them out," said Officer Tim Allen.

This humble group of officers don't consider themselves heroes, just fortunate

"You sign up, whether it's us or fire, you sign up to help people. It just happened to be that's the way we helped," said Allen.

"That's what we get paid to do. I was just at the right place at the right time," said Bruggink.

Whether right timing or divine intervention, these men say they would risk their lives again if it means saving another.

No one was hurt in that blaze. Rock Hill Fire investigators are still working to determine the cause of the fire.


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