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Carowinds makes "Best New Theme Park Attractions" list


A Carolina-based theme park is getting some big props for summer fun after it was named one of the "Summer's Seven Best New Theme Park Attractions."

The list was put together by, a website which claims to "revolutionize the way families plan and book vacations. MiniTime is your one-stop destination for finding the best places to stay and things to do for your family."

Carowinds, which is located on the North Carolina, South Carolina border between Mecklenburg and York counties was named on the list for its newest attraction "Dinosaurs Alive!"

"They roar, thrash their tails around and wave their sharp claws: The Carowinds theme park in Charlotte, North Carolina, just opened a five-acre area with 32 animatronic, life-size dinosaurs, based on real fossil evidence," the author wrote on "The area has a gift shop, of course, as well as a diggable sand pit for aspiring paleontologists."

The list was looking theme park attractions which offer kids and parents a hands-on—and often educational—way to make the most out of a day at the park.

"From the time of the first exhibition in 1854 at the Crystal Palace, dinosaurs have captured the imagination and fascination of the public," Carowinds wrote about the exhibit on its website."Visitors to Carowinds can step back in time to the beginning of the "Age of the Dinosaurs" at Dinosaurs Alive! – the most immersive and comprehensive Mesozoic experience – and encounter the beasts that dominated the planet for over 180 million years."

The exhibit combines finely detailed hand-crafted animatronics, interactive consoles, a lush setting and educational content that reflect the latest scientific theories.

"[The exhibit] offers not only the excitement of a tail thrashing, clawing and roaring exhibition with more than 30 life-sized, moving animatronic dinosaurs, but the opportunity for guests of all ages to actively engage in a unique learning experience," Carowinds states.

Most of the new attractions named on the list use "souped-up technology—from 4-D digital puppetry and animatronics" and even your own cell phones to get children (and their parents) involved in the fun.

Minitime says most of the new attractions, including Dinosaurs Alive!, let you linger and explore at your own pace.

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