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NC Highway Patrol looking for 200 new troopers


The North Carolina Highway Patrol is looking to fill 200 openings.

"We're looking for some good people," said Trooper Bobby Lineberger.

Lineberger and other troopers have been to job fairs and other gatherings trying to recruit new members.

In years past, it was easy to find the right applicants. Sgt. Toby Daniels said when he joined the patrol in the 90's, more than 2500 people applied to be in his training class.

"It turned out only 60 people were accepted," he said.  Most of the 200 openings have come by way of retirement.

"We're losing about 24 troopers a month," said Lineberger.

Becoming a member of the Highway Patrol is not easy. The state requires applicants to be at least 21 years old, in good shape, no felonies, a good driving record, and ready to commit themselves to the job.

"It is a great job," said Trooper Kyle Adkins. 

Trooper school lasts 29 weeks for those who are inexperienced but for people who have law enforcement experience there is what is called the "Fast Track" program.

That school lasts just 15 weeks.

During training, the trainees do get paid from the start and are eligible for benefits.

Salary starts at almost $35,000 a year as a base rate and can increase to more than $56,000 in just 7 years.

A job fair just for the Highway Patrol is set for July 15 and the local troop headquarters on Smyre Farm Road in Newton.

The fair will go from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Anyone interested in a career in the Highway Patrol is encouraged to attend.

Those who cannot attend should speak with a trooper from their area and go to the web site for the patrol at and read the information there.

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