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Charlotte restaurant owner and thriving business remembered


Heartfelt condolences and constant sales set the day's tone at Prices Chicken Coop in Charlotte's Southend.

Lunch time on Tuesday afternoon was bittersweet.

On Monday, Charlotte said goodbye to its founder Talmage Price. He was 92.

Steve Price was back on the job just one day after his father's funeral.

"You try to treat people fairly, that was dad's big premise," Price said.

Word of his dad's death perhaps cause the cash registers to sing even more.

Fried Chicken and all that comes out of the hot peanut oil remains popular in what's becoming a heart healthy culture.

1614 Camden Road wasn't always an attractive people magnet.

Decades ago it started next door as the Dilworth Poultry Company.

"There was a manufacturing company and they came to dad and I don't know if it was the owner or the manager and said I've got 30 employees here and they need a good lunch quick, "Price said."Have you ever thought about cooking chicken."

Fried chicken started leaving the business in 1962.

That's the year Charlie Moore started showing up.

He said, "I get the fish some days, I get the chicken some days, and I get livers. Like today I'm getting a fish sandwich and potato salad. And an Iced T."

Take out only, cash only- those are the rules.

While the coop is known for chicken, historian Dan Morrill calls the place a community melting pot.

"In many ways the things that give a flavor to a city are those things that are very individualistic. It is the individualistic nature of that place that makes it special," Morrill said.

It is a local landmark along the Lynx blue line, and for Steve Price his dad's lessons are simple.

"Give them a good product at a fair price, and good service."

It is a lesson that keeps em coming back more than 50 years later.

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