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Apartment fire leaves 25 people without a home


Twenty-five people are out of a home Tuesday evening after an early morning fire ripped through a Rock Hill apartment complex.

"When I first saw the smoke when I opened the door, I didn't think I was going to make it. I really didn't," said resident Kevin Davis.

Oak Hollow Apartments resident Kevin Davis saw his life flash before his eyes early Tuesday morning.

"I heard a big woof noise and I could see the flames. I could see the orange," said Davis.

Around 4 a.m. Tuesday morning flames quickly spread from this downstairs apartment. The fire was heading straight for Davis' right above it.

"That's when I heard the flame, I guess, flame up right outside of my window and that's when I jumped up and went and got my uncle. That's when we made it downstairs to safety," he said.

Davis along with 24 others got out safely. All of them thankful, seeing this situation could have ended much differently.

"We're just happy they made it out alive and we can replace the things lost in the fire," said Tracy Davis.

"I guess there's a silver lining in the cloud. We made it out safely and my neighbors did too because it could have been a lot worse," said Kevin Davis.

Rock Hill Fire investigators are still working to determine the cause of that fire.

Several Rock Hill police officers rescued seven people from those burning units before firefighters showed up.

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