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Golf course shut down by state plans to reopen on Independence Day


Police in Huntersville shut down Birkdale Golf Club at the request of the NC Department of Revenue for failing to pay their taxes on Tuesday.

By Wednesday afternoon, the owners of the club tell WBTV that they have reached an agreement with the Department of Revenue and plan on reopening on the Fourth of July.

"We apologize to our customers and members for any inconvenience and frustration created by the closure," said Eric Sims, executive vice-president of Carolina Trail Golf Partners, Inc., in a statement.

The Director of Public Affairs for the North Carolina Department of Revenue says revenue officials handed over the keys to the facility at 1:30p.

Trevor Johnson says all taxes in the civil warrant against Birkdale Golf Club have been paid.

Club members and employees showed up during the day waiting to see what would happen.

Walter Morgan works part-time as a ranger at Birkdale.

He says the golf course is very popular and "we get a lot of play. To see things go down like this - everybody is disappointed."

Morgan says it has been a turbulent time for workers because they're never sure when they're going to get paid.

"These guys are dedicated" says Morgan. "There are still dedicated. They all come to work even though they don't get paid. But they get paid at some point in time - it just takes a while for them to pay them."

Morgan says "if you're supposed to get paid on Thursday of this week - you might not get paid until next Thursday - that kind of stuff."

Shortie Sherrill, a member of Birkdale, says "it was a shocking thing to come here to a golf course I've been coming for the last two-to-three years and all of a sudden you're told you can't play."

Sherrill says "you take a chance when you buy a membership for anything so I took a chance. This is the third year of taking a chance."

Police showed up at the golf club at 11 a.m. Tuesday to shut it down. Two locksmith companies were also on site.

There were no issues as police escorted employees and patrons off the property.

Trevor Johnson with the Department of Revenue told WBTV that earlier today a civil warrant was issued for the Birkdale golf course about non-payment of taxes.

Johnson says officials from the Department of Revenue will be working with the organization's management in regard to payment.

Several golf club members kept stopping by the course to find out what was happening.

Rick Best said he wasn't surprised. "The condition of the course has gone way down," he said. He was hoping to play a round of golf Tuesday afternoon, but got turned away.

Mark Bedo drove straight to the course as soon as he heard the doors were locked. His daughter's wedding is scheduled there in September and Bedo says they've already paid thousands of dollars.

"Guess we might have to look at a back up place," Bedo said. He said he's worried about his money and hopes everything works out.

Birkdale Golf Club is one of several golf courses in our area managed by Carolina Trail, LLC. According to Mecklenburg County property tax records, the Birkdale course is owned by IRI Golf Group, which is located in San Diego, California.

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