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Criticism comes in as CMS superintendent hits one year mark on the job


Monday was Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) district Superintendent Dr. Heath Morrison's one year anniversary. 

His anniversary is receiving mixed reviews. This is the grade the president of the Classroom Teachers Association (CTA), Judd Kidd, gives Morrison.

"I would give him a D." Kidd said.

Kidd claims teachers have been calling on change in leadership at certain schools and says nothing has happened. Kidd goes on to say teacher morale is at an all time low. 

"I have never seen this people wanting out," Kidd said. "They want out. I can't attribute it to Dr. Morrison, but he is the man in charge."

Kidd believes Morrison should listen to teachers' concerns.

"If he doesn't start paying attention to the management style in these buildings," Kidd said. "He is going to see the teacher quality drop, because the good teachers are going to leave."

The CTA president also believes the 22 task forces Morrison set up to help shape the future of CMS maybe a waste of time.  She says she has heard from some of the task force members.

"It appears that a lot of them are upset," Kidd said. "With what they see as a lot of much ado about nothing, as they way I have heard it described. They are being kept busy with tasks that may or may not impact what happens in the school system."

Another reason why Kidd gives Morrison a "D" in his first year in CMS, she claims he has an explosive management style. And she says she's not the only one who has witnessed it.

"Other people describe him as being very volatile," Kidd said. "And very quick to go off the handle."

CMS school board chairperson Mary McCray gives Morrison high marks for his first  year. She says she has not heard of any complaints about his management style. McCray believes Morrison is just passionate about education.

"I wouldn't say he is a hard task master," McCray said. "I would say he is driven for success in CMS."

McCray gives Morrison a B+ for year one.

"I think he has done a great job," McCray said. "To knowing what all needs to be done. It has been a difficult year especially with budgets."

McCray was impressed with how Morrison hit the ground running when he got here. She also believes Morrison is doing a good job trying to regain the community's trust.

"He is close to accomplishing that goal." McCray said. 

The board chairperson does have plans for year two for Morrison. She wants him to work on retaining staff and getting higher salaries for staff.

"We may not be able to get the money from the state," McCray said. "But work with our other funding partners to see if we can do it within our own budget for our employees. That's one of the main things I hope that he is going to be working with the board to see she what we can do to do a better job."

The board will evaluate Morrison sometime in July. Morrison is up for a 10% bonus if he gets a good review.

Kidd believes Morrison's first year wasn't all negative.

"He has made some shuffles in HR," Kidd said. "I think there is still a long way to go there, but at least he had the courage to step up and do that."

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