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More people arrested in the latest round of "Moral Mondays"

More arrests in Raleigh yesterday as protesters returned to the state capitol for "Moral Monday."

Police put 80 people in handcuffs after they refused to leave the grounds of the NC Legislature. That brings the total number of people arrested so far to 675.

Hundreds gathered, as they have for the past eight weeks, to protest the goings-on of the Republican-controlled Legislature.

North Carolina is no longer accepting federal help with unemployment benefits. The move is an attempt to pay down some of the debt the state has already incurred from the program.

That means the maximum weekly unemployment payment will drop from $535 to $350.

Leaders from the NAACP said what state leaders are doing is wrong.

Protesters say the change will hurt 70,000 people in the state right now, and another 100,000 in the coming months.

Governor Pat McCrory has requested protesters stop. He says the demonstrations take up too much time, and are taxing resources.

The protestors say they're not planning on going anywhere.

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