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Get moving, get heart healthy! Fitness tip No.1

Having a healthy heart is important in athletics, but across the board its necessary for a long healthy life as heart disease is the number one killer of men and women.

Saturday September 21st WBTV's Leah Rubertino will be emceeing The Greater Charlotte Heart Walk, and we would like you to join survivors, and those battling heart disease, for a walk through uptown Charlotte.

Join TEAM WBTV, and captains Leah Rubertino & Sammi Jo Francis, as they walk for a cause.

Secure your spot here:

Since heart disease is 80 percent preventable, we're showing you some heart healthy fitness tips throughout the month of July.

Many of you are very busy throughout the summer months, so this new workout trend, 'Scientific 7-Minute Workout', will be a quick way to get your pulse rate going.

It's a 7-minute, 12 exercise routine that includes: jumping jacks, wall sit, pushups, pushups and rotation, crunches, step up onto chair, triceps dip on chair, squat, plank, side plank, high knees, lunge.

WBTV went to Fit Central Charlotte at the Dowd YMCA to learn more. Watch what we learned in the attached video.

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