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Properly packing your carry-on luggage


If your summer travel includes hopping on a flight, chances are you are going to try to pack as light as possible to avoid those checked bag fees.

A representative from RoamRight, a travel insurance provider, visited WBTV News Saturday Morning to demonstrate how to make the most of your carry on bag.

Their tips follow:

How to make the carry-on work:

Make a List and Check it Twice – Before packing, it's important to really note what is necessary for your trip. Making a list and keeping it in mind while selecting items makes for a more time and space effective packing experience.  

Versatility is Key – Choose clothing items that can serve more than one purpose. A white t-shirt can be worn during the day and later used to wear under a dress shirt.

 Stash the Accessories – Sometimes it's hard to figure out where to safely place accessories in an already packed bag. Tuck items like belts and socks inside of shoes to preserve space and stay organized.  

Back to the Basics – It's summertime, so you're ready to bring out those bold colors! Choose one base color – such as black – that still coordinates with your accessories and shoes. By doing so, you still maintain that stylish flair while being practical and space conscious.  

Toiletry Troubles – Don't let the thought of packing toiletries for a week weigh you down! With the TSA already regulating certain products you can bring, pick up what you need upon arrival at your destination without forgoing space.  

Steam It Up – After celebrating successfully packing all of your items, dread soon sinks in when you unravel your clothes and realize that they are wrinkled and crinkled. A travel size steamer will not only help with space, but will also make a trip less stressful with an efficient to get rid of those wrinkles and creases.

Ladies, This is for you – Be intentional with your clothing choices. Foldable flats and wrinkle resistant clothing makes life easier when traveling and after arriving.

Men, We Didn't Forget About You – A blazer is an easy way to make the transition from a casual day to a fun night on the town.

Protect Your Clothes – Throughout the trip, clothes tend to get beat up and worn down. Shoe bags can help keep the dirt off of your clothes during your travels. Remember the heartache you experience when you take out your favorite pair of pumps and they're scuffed? Put your patent pumps in socks to save on space and heartbreak.

Stay Fresh – Do you hate that stale smell that your clothes can get from sitting in your luggage? Avoid the mustiness by utilizing scented dryer sheets.

Inception – If you can't spare any clothes from your luggage, fold them into each other. Take smaller, folded articles of clothing and fold larger pieces over them.

Your Carry-On is Just a Puzzle – Half of the battle is simply the placement of the items. Take smaller items like underwear and socks, roll them up, and place them at the bottom. Place shoes on the side of bag with your more important garments at the top of the bag. Effective placement goes a long way.

Don't Underestimate the Power of a Purse – Don't forget that you're allowed to take a purse or additional bag along with you. The small items do add up, so pack all that you can within that extra bag.

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