Gaston to raise taxes, part ways with county manager

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Gaston County residents will soon be paying higher taxes.

At a meeting Thursday, commissioners approved a 3.5-cent increase. That adds up to a $35 increase on a piece of property valued at $100,000

Commissioners tell WBTV this is the first tax increase the board has approved in almost 12 years.

"We are committed, as a board, committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure we don't continually go back to the tax payer and ask them to continue to shoulder the load," said Commissioner Jason Williams.

Taxes aside, there is another big news item in Gaston County.

After 12 years on the job, County Manager Jan Winters was forced to resign. That decision was finalized by the board of commissioners. However, there was some disagreement on the decision.

"It's bad. Jan Winters did a lot of good for this community and we are really going to miss him in office. It is not good to lose him," said Commissioner Joe Carpenter.

Carpenter tells WBTV he did not care for the way other commissioners went about the forced resignation.

Commissioner Williams supported the manger resignation.

"At this point, I feel like the board just felt like we have to go in a different direction. Over time, many of the budgets became more statuesque. They really were not moving the county forward," Williams said.

The County does not have a candidate lined up for the manager position.

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