Simple ways to update the outside of your home on your own

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Whether you are selling your home or just want a place that is more beautiful to look at, you can save money and you do it yourself.

You first want to start with a deep cleansing.

"This time of year a lot of people are seeing a lot of moss mildew and algae on exterior surfaces," Lou Manfredini with Ace Hardware.

To get rid of that residue can you can use power washer or you can buy less expensive but effective sprays.

"It works with the wind rain and the sunlight to eat up all that organic material and take it away," said Manfredini.

Another way to boost up the appearance of your home, a nice coat of paint.

If you choose the right products Manfredini says you won't need to hire professionals.

"When you're doing any kind of exterior paint work it's all about the prep work of course right,"

"And so you need to do a little bit of sanding initially."

When your outdoor furniture starts to look a little worn don't throw them away.

Bring the stuff back to life with spray paint.

"Make sure you're using it in a well ventilated area," said Manfredini.

"And there are terrific colors available."

If you have a deck or a patio but it's not within your budget to replace it, you can restore it.

"You put this (a heavy coating of paint like material) on very slowly and it grabs on to the wood," Manfredini.

"It goes into the cracks and it fills it."

Having a fresh looking driveway and walkway will give your home a fresh new look without spending a whole lot of money.

"If it's an asphalt driveway then putting down a new coat of sealant is kind of the best way to do it."

The sealant helps to preserve the life of the driveway which ultimately it saves you money.

And here's another tip, make sure you find an old pair of shoes when resealing your driveway.

Because they're going to get covered in the sealant and don't ever go walking in the house after you get done. Make sure you leave your shoes outside.

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