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Mosquito season is here


The seemingly daily onslaught of heavy rain across the piedmont and foothills of North Carolina is leading experts to believe this could be one of the worst mosquito seasons in years.

"They are everywhere right now," said Phillip Burgess as he mowed a field just outside of Morganton. The problem is that mosquitos have more breeding grounds than ever this year.

Roadside puddles and anything that can hold water are staying filled up. "We get rain one day and then in a day or two we get more and nothing can dry out," said Zach Caudill.

The best advice, say experts, is to keep the lawn mowed and dump out anything that contains water outside. That also means changing the water in bird feeders often.

Local hardware stores have several products that can be used in and around the house to keep the biting pests away. Repellent sprays are recommended for those who will be outside, especially in the morning and late afternoon and evening.

Products containing deet are especially effective but people are warned to read the labels carefully. Not every spray is right for every person. Some products are not recommended for small children.

The mosquito season will continue until nighttime temperatures dip below 50 degrees.

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