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Spike in crime in Plaza Midwood concerns residents, businesses


WBTV has uncovered a string of crimes plaguing the Plaza Midwood neighborhood using CMPD's crime-mapping software to focus on a quarter-mile stretch of Central Avenue.

We found 27 reported incidents at just 14 different locations in the heart of the community.

But the increase in criminal activity hasn't been violent. The majority of the crimes over the past month have been vandalism, shoplifting and car break-ins.

Jonathan Kesler knows all too well how far a crook will go to break into your car and says the molding along his passenger side window is permanently lifted after a thief tried to break in.

"Just for two pairs of sunglasses," he said. "One of them not worth a dime."

Kesler is in Plaza Midwood often and was caught off guard by the uptick in crime in the community.

"I am a little surprised to hear that," he admitted.

Still, Kesler points out as Plaza Midwood becomes a more popular community, it's bound to see more crime.

"When you see an increase in you know the volume in a certain area, you're going to attract the people that want to take advantage of that volume," he said. 

But Joshua Feury, a manager at Thomas Street Tavern, offers a different perspective.

"Well, we're not overly concerned about it because it used to be really bad in the neighborhood as far as break-ins go and muggings," he pointed out. 

Still, they've noticed the increase in car break-ins and do their part to keep customers safe.

"Our bouncers here are trained to walk all the women to their car at night," he said. "To keep an eye out for any homeless people or any other vagrant people that may be causing problems."

WBTV also discovered one of the shoplifting calls for service happened at the newly renovated Harris Teeter the day after it reopened.

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