See, Click, Fix: Dead tree gets a needed cut

A couple weeks ago Jack Oudin walked his dog Beau along Newcastle Street in Charlotte, after dropping his wife off at Lincoln Heights Academy.

That's when he says he spotted a big problem that needed to be fixed.

"It's the first time I've used See, Click, Fix. So um I didn't know how it worked," says Jack.

What he ended up posting online got our attention too. Pictures of this huge tree that he described as a "looming tragedy" if it falls to the ground.

Jack writes in his post: "...noticed a huge tree at the sidewalk leading to the school is already *half dead*...and leaning over the sidewalk."

Sure enough the tree is brittle to the touch. You could see cracks and divisions in the trunk. The fact it is leaning is also a red flag.

WBTV's Christine Nelson showed the school district the photos and officials sprung into action.

All that is left now is a tree stump. A day after bringing this to the attention of Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools a crew came out and cut the tree down, no longer making this a potential hazard.

Tire tracks from the heavy equipment and the tree stump are all that remains. It was news Jack was relieved to receive.

"When you called today and found out it had been cut down...I'm really glad about that," Jack says.

We asked whether the city or county ended up cutting the tree down. CMS says its auxiliary services department removed the tree.

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