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Browser ad-on makes comparison shopping a breeze

More and more of us are turning on the computer instead of our car engines when it's time to go shopping.  According to Forrester Research's more recent numbers, people in the US spent over $200 billion shopping online in 2011.  And the study indicates that number will continue to grow.  But shoppers are growing savvier online.  And that's where Price Blink comes in.

Price Blink is a browser ad-on that pops up just below your browser every time you start shopping online. When you find a product you're interested in, you click on it,  you can use Price Blink to see if that product is selling for less at another online store.

I put it to the test first on coffee makers.  Macy's online store was having a huge sale on some pricey machines.  One was marked down from $174.99 to $119.99.  When I clicked on the Price Blink compare prices button, it found the same machine at two different online sites for $101.99.  That's not a bad savings, close to 20 bucks.

I wanted to try even more expensive appliances and found a Maytag washer marked down on Sears web site from $599.99 to $499.99, Price Blink found a few outlets that had the same washer at a savings of $100, at $399.99. 

The ad-on also allows you to check on coupons for products.  And alerts you if a product will be shipped for free, which you've got to consider in your pricing, especially if it's a big item and shipping could run high.

According to Price Blink they scan over four thousand online retailers for price comparisons.  They can be installed with FireFox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. 

The ad-on was released in 2012 but has been updated.  I found a lot of positive reviews.  It's simple to use, but as we always tell you, make sure you're shopping at  a reputable store before you give out any of your personal info online.

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