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Dallas residents call for crackdown on drug crime


Debbie Lay and her husband want drug dealers driven out of their neighborhood.

The couple has lived on the north-end of Dallas for more than 20 years.

They tell WBTV drug crime has never been as prevalent as it is now.

"They make drug deals right in front of us. They pass it from vehicle to vehicle and exchange money. They don't care that we see it," Debbie told WBTV.  

The Lays said they have warned police, but their calls are not putting a dent in the problem.

WBTV took their concerns to Detective Sergeant L.L. Stoneburner with the Dallas Police Department.

He said his department is keeping a close eye on drug trafficking in the community.

"When people call in, what they would like us to do is come to their neighborhood and clean those people out and kick the door in. We can't do that. We have to try to find some way to make some buys from these people. It takes multiple buys. We can't just go on one," Stoneburner said.

Officers said drug trafficking investigations can take several months to complete.

If you suspect drug activity in your neighborhood, police say you can report crimes anonymously.

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