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Panther Greg Olsen donates $289,000 to Levine Children's Hospital


Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen's foundation donated $289,000 in support of the hospital's pediatric cardiac pogram.

The gift from Receptions for Research will support the launch of the HEARTest Yard program, which will help provide home care support for pediatric heart patients once they are discharged from Levine Children's Hospital.

Olsen's son TJ was born in October of last year with a serious and often fatal heart defect, hypoplastic left heart syndrome, and underwent the first of three life-saving surgeries at Levine Children's Hospital.

"We just continued to attribute it to the amount of care he had at home," Olsen said. "That extra help, those extra set of hands, you know, to spend that extra twenty minutes trying to get that bottle down."

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