More speed warnings considered in dangerous interstate curve

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - North Carolina Department of Transportation officials are considering adding more warning signs to an area where dozens of crashes happen every year.

The I-85 South ramp to connect to I-77 was the scene of almost 30 crashes in the past year, according to Steve Abbott with the NCDOT. Statistics show those accidents caused multiple serious injuries and more than $138,000 in property damage to vehicles.

Several of those crashes involved tractor trailers that overturning. Truck driver Howard Zuidema is very familiar with the interchange and its dramatic curve.

"Have you ever rode a skate board and you leaned on the wide of the skateboard and you feel like you're going to fall over? That's exactly what it feels like," said Zuidema.

Several truck drivers we spoke with on Wednesday said they believe speed to be a factor in many of the crashes.

NCDOT's Abbott says crews have made several additions to safety control signs in the last several years including an automated radar screen that flashes driver's speeds as they pass.

Abbott says more signs are being considered but no plans as of yet when they might be installed.