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Fisherman who drowned after boat sank in Lake Norman identified

A man drowned after his fishing boat sank on Lake Norman late Monday night.
North Carolina Wildlife officers said three men were on a small boat about a hundred yards off the shore line in Mooresville near the Stumpy Creek boat access ramp when a wave swamped their boat. It was about 10 p.m.
The boat sank because it was missing its plug. It was a 15-ft. fiberglass vessel with nothing more than a trolling motor, wildlife officials say.
Life jackets were located in a compartment in the bow of the boat.
Herbert James, 53, of Mocksville, was identified Tuesday as the man who drowned.
When the craft started taking on water, firefighters said the men tried to jump to safety.
According to officers, the pitch darkness of the lake may have been very disorienting for two of the men, who instead of heading to shore, scrambled to get to a large cooler floating by.
The men used the cooler to keep afloat while another fisherman in a boat nearby was able to pull them out.
The third man however, became entangled in either a line, or the boat itself, and wasn't able to get free.
Emergency crews rushed to the scene along with dive crews, who recovered the victim's body some three hours later.
Officers told us all three of the men were reported to be good swimmers.
Salvage crews will return to the site early Tuesday morning in an attempt to recover the sunken boat. The boat was recovered Tuesday afternoon.
NC Wildlife officials say even though the law only requires children under 13 to wear a life jacket, all adults should wear one too.
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