Toyota of N Charlotte delves into Scion history!

Toyota of N Charlotte delves into Scion history!
new Scion near Charlotte
new Scion near Charlotte
N Charlotte Scion tC
N Charlotte Scion tC

The Scion family definitely offers a lot of different vehicles for people to choose from, and many drivers have come to appreciate the superb style, innovative features, and affordability new Scion near Charlotte have to offer! If you've ever wondered how the Scion family came to be produced and what inspired the design of these vehicles, Toyota of N Charlotte has the answers for you right here!

New Scion in N Charlotte have well-established history!

First of all, did you know that Scion is actually produced by the Toyota Motor Company? That's right! The same company that produces new Toyota in N Charlotte also makes the models belonging to the scion family. This line was created to meet the preferences of a younger driving demographic, but both younger and older drivers have found reasons to fall in love with the many different Scion models that are available today! Here's a quick look at some of the notable moments in Scion's history that helped shape it into the much-loved automotive brand it is:

  • March 2002: Scion was unveiled at the New York Auto Show, and the Scion bbX concept car made its grand debut. This concept car later came to be known as the new Scion xB!
  • January 2003: A Scion concept car called the Scion ccX was introduced, which later came to be known as the much-loved new Scion tC!
  • June 2003: Quickly following the release of the Scion ccX concept car, the Scion brand itself was officially launched! At first only the Scion xB and Scion xA were offered, and even then only at certain Toyota dealerships in California. However, by June of the following year new Scion could be purchased across the nation!
  • 2005: The N Charlotte Scion tC was officially released to consumers in 2005, and drivers loved the sporty design this two-door coupe had to offer!
  • 2007: Scion continued to updated and modify the transportation options it had to offer so drivers would have access to the style and features they want. The Scion xD replaced the Scion xA in 2007 so drivers could have a larger and more versatile vehicle to enjoy.

New models added to Scion family!

Scion continues to modify and adjust the models that are included as part of the Scion family. In 2001 and 2012 the Scion iQ was introduced, and its sub-compact design coupled with incredible gas mileage has made it a noteworthy vehicle! New options don't end with this vehicle's release, though. In 2012 the much-loved Scion FR-S in N Charlotte was introduced and has received quite a lot of positive attention ever since it's been spotted on the roads! 

However, Scion has released a new set of transportation options even more recently – or perhaps we should say series of transportation options. In honor of its tenth anniversary, Scion has launched the Scion 10 Series! This line of limited-production vehicles features all of the current members of the Scion family, but with special features. In other words, Scion continues to provide exceptional and ground-breaking methods of transportation for drivers to enjoy! 

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