Korean Food with Cho Won Gardens

Korean food with Cho Won Gardens

Bibimbob ( for 1 )
(Mixed rice dish with assorted vegetables, egg, and a tradtional red bean paste sauce.)

Ingredients: cooked steamed rice, eggs, spinach, soybean sprouts, carrots, zucchini, tofu, shitake mushrooms, gobi, daikon radish, green leaf lettuce, white cabbage, red cabbage, red onion, whit onion, cucumber, red bell pepper.

To prepare:

#1  Steamed rice (cooked)  1 cup

#2  eggs (fried) 1 ea

#3  spinach 1/3 oz
       soy bean sprouts 1/3 oz
       Slightly cook these ingredients in boiling water for approximately 1 min drain and cool in iced cold water.  Add a pinch of         salt to season.

#4  1/3 oz Carrot (julienne cut) 
      1/3 oz zucchini (julienne cut) 
      1/3 oz tofu ( cut into 1/2inch cubes) 
      1/3 oz shitake mushroom ( sliced thin) 
      1/3 oz gobi 
      1/3 oz daikon radish ( julienne cut )
     These ingredients need to be stir-fried in vegetable oil until cooked through adding a pinch of salt to season

#5  Ingredients to make salad 
       1/3oz green leaf lettuce (shredded)
       1/3oz red cabbage (shredded)
       1/3oz white cabbage (shredded)
       1/3oz  red onion (shredded)
       1/3oz  Cucumber (thinly sliced)
       1/3oz  Red bell pepper (thinly sliced)
      mix all the ingredients listed above in a strainer, wash and drain

#6  Ingredients to make red bean paste (this is the traditional sauce for Bibimbob)
       red soybean paste (gochujang) 2 table spoon
       sesame oil 1 teaspoon
       sugar 1/2 teaspoon   
       hot water 1 tablespoon
      corn syrup 1 tea spoon
      Mix all the listed ingredients in a small bowl until mixed well and set a side

In a large bowl you will need to put the mixed salad from #5 at the bottom of the bowl.
Next you will put each of the separate vegetables (ie:shitake mushrooms carrots, zucchini, tofu, gobi, bean sprouts, spinach, daikon) in this order on top of the salad neatly around the edge of the bowl.
Next place the fried egg neatly on top of all the vegetables centering the egg.
When you are ready to eat you add the cup of steamed rice and the traditional red bean paste sauce and mix everything together.
Once it is mixed thoroughly you are ready to dig into a bowl of well-being!