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A disturbing trend in Charlotte-- fast food restaurants vulnerable to crooks


A disturbing trend in Charlotte-- fast food restaurants vulnerable to crooks.

In the past nine months, Crime Stoppers has profiled robberies at six different fast food restaurants. This story makes seven and it's far from the only fast food stick-ups in town.

The KFC on Wendover fits the recipe for a robbery. It has a dimly lit parking lot in the back which is adjacent to a stand of woods. Police say there are several homeless camps in the area.

It also has no security at closing time-- which usually means crime time at small businesses.

On the surveillance tape, employees are mopping the floor, getting ready to lock to doors for the night. Before they do, two armed men barge in, grab employees and herd them behind the counter to the cash registers and safe.

They demand money and the clerks comply.

But remember that freshly mopped floor? In their hurry to escape, both crooks slip and fall before they can exit the front door.

All this begs the question-- why do robbers hit fast food restaurants when there typically isn't a lot of cash available?

CMPD Detective Marty Cuthbertson said, "I think it's more so like easiness, because there's nobody around, only a few people, maybe a couple employees in the store, you go to a big box store, there's more people present, and in that store there were only a few people inside."

We wondered if these two bandits were suspected in any other nearby stick-ups?

"It's kind of had to tell, especially on this robbery because these guys are wearing all dark clothing and they're all covered up in masks, and they've got hats to cover their head and face."

"Maybe somebody will see the clothing-- I know one had a letter S on a hat maybe a sports team of some kind." 

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