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One dollar bills from an ATM? It could happen!


Can it really be true? Actually getting one dollar bills from an ATM? If you bank with PNC then -- yes--that option is coming soon to an ATM near you.

Pauline Thomas of Indian Trail, doesn't bank with PNC, but is thrilled to hear about the change.

"I do like that idea, that would fit me perfect," she said. "I know these days a lot of people don't have a lot. And if you don't make a lot you don't have a lot and you just need a little out."

That's exactly what's behind the change: need.

A PNC spokesperson told WBTV they listened to their customers who said they often need less than 20 dollars.

The ATMs would dispense money in one, ten and 20 dollar increments.

Denise McCree, of Charlotte, also likes the idea and says it's perfect for those on a budget.

"I want to be able to pull out whatever it is I need," she said. "So if I don't have 20 why should I have to take 20 out?"

But her husband, Bobby disagrees.

"Single dollar increments would would be a headache, I think," said McCree.

He also worries about the ability to keep the ATMs stocked with enough singles.

"Will they be able to stock the ATM machines without it running out of money,"he wondered. "There's times it will run out of money even when you're getting it out in 20 dollar increments."

Thomas says the next step is for other banks to follow PNC's lead.

"I just wish maybe they would all maybe consider that soon," she said.

You can expect to see the changes at PNC ATMs in the Charlotte area by the end of summer.

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