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Neighbors say enough is enough


Some Wesley Heights neighbors are trying to close Club 935, located on South Summit Avenue.  They claim recent activity happening around the club has gotten worse. 

Right now police are investigating a shooting that happened near the club early Sunday morning. Detectives say a man and two women were leaving the club when someone shot the man in the elbow.

The victim will survive while police are still looking for a suspect.

"It is becoming a nuisance down there." Neighbor Greg Patton said.

Neighbors are complaining and want to try and close the club.

"It wouldn't hurt my feelings," Patton said. "If it was closed down at all, and I'm pretty sure some of the other neighbors in the neighborhood would feel the same."

Police say since the beginning of the year a homicide, three shootings and some car break-ins have all happened near the club.

"It does disrupt the flow of the continuity of the neighborhood," the neighbor said. "Hate to say, that you like to see young people have a good time but at the expense of others you rather have it shut down."

Neighbors are trying to prove the club is a nuisance, meaning it has become a hub for criminal activity.  And neighbors are finding out if the club has any zoning violations, that could speed things up.

The club owner's lawyer says the Club 935 pays for about 10 CMPD officers to patrol the club while it is open.  The lawyer says neighbors shouldn't blame the club for all the crime that happens near the club.

Neighbors are scheduled to meet soon about the problems in their community.

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