Father's Day shopping that won't cost a fortune

When it comes to finding that perfect gift for dad, don't over think it.  Perhaps something simple is best.  I gave myself a challenge.  I went to two very different stores, a local hardware home goods store, and a big box store.  I wanted to see how many gifts I could find for fewer than thirty dollars.

I started at the hardware store where men stood looking lovingly at The Big Green Eggs on display.  Not many of us have that in our budget for pops, but you could use his love of grilling as a theme.  Blackhawk Hardware at the Park Road shopping center had hundreds of sauces and grilling gadgets.  You could buy several and add a cookbook – then tell dad to start cooking.

Blackhawk also specializes in college team merchandise that isn't what you'll usually find.  They have wind chimes with teams' logos on them, they were under 30 dollars.  You can even get a UNC, or Clemson, or NC State spatula for dad, also under 30 dollars.

But I like multiple gifts, so I enjoyed layering gifts inside other gifts.  I went to a big box store and found a wonderful collapsible and sturdy tool kit and put in it a big bag of athletic socks, and a "Top Dad" t-shirt, all that loot just pennies under $30.

They were selling an 8 piece car wash kit; I added the soap and cleaning wipes, all which along with a promise to dad that you will wash his car will certainly show him your love.

Remember when you are shopping, your father would rather see you be thrifty then spending a fortune.  So take some time, have a budget, and be creative.

I bought five DVDs of old westerns and Sherlock Holmes movies along with a big box of popcorn.  If I give that with a card and the promise I'll watch a movie with him, my dad would be overjoyed!

Happy Father's Day shopping!

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