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Flooding concerns linger in foothills as heavy rain pounds area


Rain continued to fall Monday in Burke County, creating flood concerns along the Johns River in Collettsville.

Emergency responders tell WBTV at least one bridge was covered by flood water in the early morning hours.

In the afternoon, Old Johns River Road was closed because Fire and Rescue crews were worried it would food again. If the bridge is not passable, residents on the mountain side of the river are cutoff from any major highway.

"They are just stranded you know. They probably stock up on food and everything and there is just no way to get out unless you have a boat," said Collettsville resident, Martha Plock.

Property damage is always a concern when flooding occurs, but emergency responders have another worry on their minds.

If bridges are not passable, EMS and firefighters are unable to reach people in need.

"If there is a fire we can't get there and if there is a medical emergency we have a hard time getting there. A lot of times we have to go though State Emergency Management and request help from the Forest Service," said Cpt.  Larry Price, Collettsville Fire and Rescue.

Even after the rain stops, safety official s tell WBTV flooding can still occur in foothills area.

Price said It can take a couple hours for mountain rain to trickle down into the foothills.

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