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Accused Southpark killer goes to trial

Jury selection is underway in the murder trial of Chauncey Sterling. He's the young man accused of killing hospital executive Robert Barber during a botched robbery in 2011.

Sterling was 18 years old at the time of the shooting. Police say he approached Barber on Mullens Ford Road in the Foxcroft East neighborhood as Barber was walking home.

Barber had just finished having coffee with his wife at a Caribou Coffee a short distance up the road.

During pre-trial motions, Sterling's defense attorney Scott Gsell tried to argue media cameras should not be allowed in court because of his concerns about sensationalism. Judge Lisa Bell denied the motion.

Gsell also wants to limit some of the more gruesome crime scene photographs. Gsell said he's concerned the pictures could prejudice the jury. Judge Bell said they will discuss limiting the photographs when the time comes to try and introduce them as evidence.

Both the Barber and Sterling families listened as pre-trial motions and jury selection began.

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