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Police: Electrocuted body found in vacant Harris Teeter identified


Police in Newton say a man's electrocuted body has been discovered in a vacant grocery store and investigators believe he was attempting to steal copper wiring when he died.

Aaron Clarence Copeland Jr., 34, of Newton, was identified by police as the deceased man on Wednesday.

According to Newton Police, investigators were called to the vacant Harris Teeter along the 1800 block of Northwest Boulevard on Monday afternoon.

When investigators arrived, they began checking the interior of the building and discovered a man's body located near the electrical panels at the rear of the building. 

Officers believe the man was attempting to steal copper electrical wire from the vacant store when he was apparently electrocuted.

Copeland was a person of interest in a May 5 breaking & entering and larceny to the same vacant building where a large amount of copper was stolen.

Officers were actively looking for Copeland for approximately one week prior to finding his body.

It appears, according to police, that Copeland had returned to the vacant building in an attempt to steal more copper wiring.

The store has been empty for several years, police say.

The investigation is continuing at this time. Investigators have identified additional suspects and are preparing to file charges.   

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