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Man arrested, charged after standoff in Gaston County

Police in Gaston County say a man is facing at least ten charges after he held police at bay for hours during a standoff outside of a home in Kings Mountain.
The incident started late Sunday night, police told WBTV. Officers were called out to a home off of the 100 block of Farnsworth Drive after reports of some kind of disturbance.
Police surrounded the area, even blocking off incoming traffic for hundreds of yards while members of the county's SWAT team fanned out and took up staging positions.
Time wound on for hours as officers tried to coax the man out, but to no avail.
Around 4am, a loud explosion was heard by people in the area.  The sound reminiscent of a flash bang grenade going off, a favorite tool for police to end volatile situations with no one getting hurt.
Moments later, police activity increased.  Officers calling out that the suspect was in custody, unharmed.
Officers say the man who lived in the home, James Morris Thomas, was arrested by police.
He was charged with assault by pointing a gun and nine counts of assault with a deadly weapon. 
There are no reports of any officers injured.
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