Teen beats cancer to graduate with honors

A cure and a career

CHESTER, SC (WBTV) - Reality has set in for Kendric Wherry.

"It wasn't until I walked across the floor that it hit me I finally graduated," said Kendric.

And pride has taken over both of his parents.

"I'm just proud of him 18 years later, I'm proud of him, said his father Charles Strong.

Kendric has always been a straight A student. Ask him about the road to this point, and its as if, it was nothing. "We all have to go through tests and that was just mine."

Almost 3 years ago, the rising success of Kendric Wherry, slammed on the brakes. His mother Lovondia says she can still remember the doctor's words. "Oh gosh. When I heard that word cancer, I got mad at the world. I'm going to be honest. I just got mad at the world."

Doctor's told Lovondia, her 16 year old son had a tumor on his kidney. Kendric told his mother it would be ok. He underwent surgery and cancer treatments at the Children's Hospital in Columbia.

3 years later and the cancer is gone and as of Friday afternoon, Kendric is a proud graduate of Lewisville High School with honors in his class. The family now calls his cancer and healing a blessing that left him with a purpose.

"I used to see the smaller kids come sit on his lap and it was funny, but he was like, Mamma this is what I want to do," said Lovondia.

Kendric will go to USC Columbia in the fall and major in Public Health. His mother says his high school graduation is something she'll never forget.

"I grabbed him, I met him and grabbed him. You know because I am, I'm just so proud of him."