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Tropical Storm Andrea will deliver rain in our area

Good morning!  We're up and at it in the WBTV Newsroom right now to get you ready for your day.

We're covering several big stories this morning, including the weather.  Meteorologist Ashley Batey is tracking Tropical Storm Andrea and its impact on the Carolinas.  We already know that we're looking a quite a bit of rain over at least the next two days.  We'll show you what to expect as this storm system moves through the area. 

Many roads in our area are wet this morning.  Tonya Rivens will be keeping an eye on traffic to let you know where the slowdowns and trouble spots are, as well as the best alternate routes.

The President is coming to Mooresville today to visit Mooresville Middle School.  Cam Man Ron Lee is reporting live from the school this morning as students and staff prepare to meet President Obama a little later today.  Find out why Mooresville Middle was selected for the visit.

That same school is also drawing some unwanted attention.  Police investigators say a sex offender from New York was able to communicate with a 12 year old student at Mooresville Middle through her school issued laptop.  We'll have details on that case.

In overnight news, a man walking down a Dallas road in Gaston County was struck and killed by a car.  The driver left the scene, but may not be charged.  We'll explain that part of the story, and let you know why something found on the victim is helping investigators to figure out more about this case.


We're also proud of our own Jamie Boll!  Jamie snagged a role in the Showtime television series "Homeland."  We'll give you a behind the scenes perspective from Jamie.  His role wasn't too much of a stretch; he does get to play the part of a TV news reporter!


That's just a bit of what we're working on for you this morning.  We hope you can join us for WBTV News This Morning starting at 4:30!

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