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CMPD making crime-fighting a contest in one community

People in one Charlotte neighborhood say they're fed up with crime and now their teaming up with police in a competition aimed at curbing crime in their community.

Officers in CMPD's North Division have designed a contests where homeowners get points for not only being a good neighbor but also making sure they're not an easy target for would be criminals.

The Northwood Forest community is huge with more than 600 homes so police created three teams and for the next 9 months they're keeping track of how the community is doing through weekly audits.

"It gives them sort of a little more of something to strive for," said Officer Ryan Kowaleski, one of the community coordinators. "It's not just I'm protecting myself and vehicle and property."

Kowaleski and his partner, randomly choose 15 homes-- 5 from each team and go out -- checking car doors, looking for valuables, seeing if garage doors are locked.

You get points if your home and car is secure, if your shrubbery is cut back and there's plenty of lighting. You also can receive points for calling in suspicious activity something police say is key.

"They're the ones that actually see a lot more than we do," Kowaleski said. "Because a car parked on the side of the street to us is a car parked on the street. But if you know Mr. Jones doesn't own that car. It's suspicious to you."

Homeowners like Jodi Foxx are excited about the project.

It's a good reminder for all of us," she said. "Just the little things we can do to help keep our whole neighborhood safer."

She says it also forces them to take some initiative as well.

"I think that's so important that we just don't assume the police are going to be everywhere all the time but that we take ownership ourselves," she pointed out.

Homeowners also get points for being in compliance with their HOA.

The team that has the most points at the end of the competition, gets a big cookout at the community clubhouse, all sponsored by CMPD.


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