Will Charlotte pass the X-Games test? - | WBTV Charlotte

Will Charlotte pass the X-Games test?

Good Tuesday morning! This is David Whisenant filling in for John Carter this week. We're on the job this morning in the WBTV Newsroom to help you get your day started!

Some of the stories we're working on for today include the folks who decide where the X-Games are held are in town today to check out the Charlotte bid at zMAX Dragway.  Cam Man Ron lee is taking a look at the bid Charlotte is making and whether the bid is off to a slower start than some competing cities.

We have some new details on the President's visit to a Mooresville middle school on Thursday.

Also, a neat story to tell you about - how Facebook helped to reunite a man with his class ring 45 years after he lost it!

We'll also have some highlights from UNC's wild baseball game last night, and lots of other stuff.

We'll crank it up at 4:30!


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