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Free fitness lessons from personal trainers

If you're looking to kick start your fitness routine but don't have the cash to join a gym, the outside fitness brand Merrell is making it a little easier, by making it free!  Merrell has teamed up with over 100 Life Time Fitness Centers across the country to offer free group fitness classes with licensed personal trainers. 

I met Rod Lewis at the Life Time Fitness location in University City.  "It is starting with steps, walking is an excellent way of beginning your exercise journey being active.  That is one of the things I believe Merrell wants to do is to get people active outside get some movement going on," Lewis said.

People interested can register online and receive passes to six classes that must be taken in a two week period.  The free classes will run from now through August at most locations.

Lewis, who is used to pushing his clients to be the best they can be, believes six group classes can make a huge difference in a person's journey to wellness. "It's about getting it started. It doesn't always take a gym to get you in shape, but if that's your destiny then work towards that," he said. 

The series is somewhat of a boot-camp theme but Lewis said they'll accommodate people on most fitness levels.  "We have a series of classes, one is team weight-loss and team fitness classes and there's a boot-camp."

Six free classes might just be what you need to get you outside and moving toward a healthier life. "Commitment is the word that we need to use that we need to nail home to people commitment is going to get you results", Lewis told me.

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