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Areas outside of I-485 corridor experienced heavy rainfall overnight


Rising bodies of water and clogged storm drains caused flooding issues in several Mecklenburg County neighborhoods overnight.

The Matthews Fire Department says water levels rose up to six feet late Sunday night along Tank Town Road. Firefighters tell WBTV several cars were stuck in the middle of the floodwaters. Drivers had to be rescued. No one was hurt.

Neighbors on the street say they've seen this happen all too long.

"It just floods and it floods quick. You've got to move your cars. You've just got to think fast," one resident told WBTV Cam Man Ron Lee.

People in the area say there has been some infighting as to who is responsible for fixing the flooding problem.

In South Charlotte, a viewer alerted WBTV to flooding on her street. She says she diverted traffic around the intersection of Tom Short Road and Guinevere Drive, due to flash flooding late Sunday night.

At one point early Monday morning, more than 6,000 Duke customers were without power. As of 6:30 a.m., that number is down to 3,939.

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