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Dognapper escapes with puppies, woman hurt


Authorities in North and South Carolina are looking for a woman who stole two French Bulldogs from a breeder in Catawba County Friday night. That breeder, Jane Burgess, was hurt as she tried in vain to stop the thief from getting away.

"I have broken fingers, some road rash and am sore," she said on Wednesday. Jane and her husband Michael have raised specialty breeds for years and never had a problem with a customer until now.

"I didn't see any red flags," said Jane. On Friday night, she arranged a meeting with a potential buyer. When the woman showed up, everything seemed normal, said Michael. "We had no idea what was about to happen," he said. 

When the woman could not decide between the two puppies, valued at $2,000 a piece, she told Jane she wanted them both and carried them to her minivan and indicated she was going to pay for them. Instead, she turned the car on and started to back out of the driveway.

Jane grabbed the driver's side door and tried to hold on."My hands were locked on it,"she said. The woman backed into a row of cedar trees, then backed onto the highway in front of the Burgess home and took off.

Jane held on for a few seconds more then went crashing to the pavement. A neighbor tried to follow the suspect but as she approached speeds of 100 miles per hour, he backed off and she got away.

Jane was taken to a local hospital where she was treated and released.

Though the suspect has not been seen since, authorities do have an idea who she is. Before she stole the puppies, she had given a name and address to Burgess. It pinpointed her home as being in Boiling Springs, South Carolina.

Authorities there went to the home but the man there said the woman didn't live there anymore. Investigators believe she is still in the Spartanburg, South Carolina area and are hoping someone will come forward with information.

No charges have been filed yet but they will be, say Catawba County authorities. Burgess says she wants her puppies back and the woman put away.

"People like that are not supposed to be around normal people."

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