Jet-powered water sports at Lake Norman

MOORESVILLE, NC (WBTV) - It looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, but this new technology is based right here on the ground at Lake Norman.

"To see fishermen in the water who don't usually stop for anything but the fish, to stop and watch this thing for 10 or fifteen minutes let us know it was going to be a big crowd hit," said Flyboards owner Ernest Pruitt.

Pruitt is the first in the Charlotte area to offer this new jet-propelled technology as rentals. The flyboard is similar to a wake board. The Jetovator is almost a sit down version with handlebars for steering. Both are based in a rental operation at Queens Landing in Mooresville.

We found Youtube video shows a personally owned flyboard in action. And in the video you can see some of the jolting spills that come with it. Pruitt says his rentals aren't nearly as extreme. And how high you go, is up to the professional operating the jet ski that acts as the throttle.

"We keep you about 3-5 feet above the water line, and if you start to get too close to the jet-ski itself, we let you down into the water," Pruitt said.

Every sport comes with risks involved says Pruitt. But he says his business is based first on extreme safety, then extreme fun. For more info check out