See, Click, Fix: City to fix blocked drains

Some storm drains here in the 4300 block of Cinderella road in Charlotte is of little to no use preventing street flooding in this neighborhood.

Just look at the two that was brought to our attention.

At one drain, water would barely get through the rocks, leaves and other debris that is spilling out from the top.

The other drain, just yards away, is not as bad relatively speaking. If you look closely through the holes in the grate and you can see the leaves are piling up.

To get this fixed WBTV's Christine Nelson sent an email to Charlotte Mecklenburg Storm Water Services and got this explanation in their response.

The department works chronologically to fix blocked drains and prioritizes requests coding it as an A, B or C.

A, the highest priority, is when the blockage is causing street or home flooding.

B, is when crawl space or yard erosion is evident.

C is when the blockage is a stream-maker.

Based on these images Storm Water Services says these drains would be classified as an A, moving it to the top of the list to get fixed.

The department sent us an pictures of what a catch basin that's being vacuumed looks like. Once this machine arrives in this neighborhood, residents will know these storm drains are getting fixed.

Officials with Storm Water Services says this specific request will be taken care of this week.@

You can report blocked storm drains to Storm Water services directly by calling 311 or filling out a form online. Click here for info.

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