Wedding Saturday: What to eat before the big moment

Eating right for the big day

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Personal chef Nicholas Daniels says the sandwich recipe he shared on WBTV News Saturday Morning is perfect for everyone in the wedding party.

Daniels says it is healthy and full of energy producing foods and it also has enough fat content that will help soak up the pre-ceremony champagne toasts.

His version is made from all locally sourced materials and the recipe follows:

Spring Soft Shell Crab Sandwich with a Strawberry, Spinach, & Sunflower Seed Salad on a whole wheat pita.

For the Crab

1  Jumbo Soft Shell Crab

2oz  Flour

5oz Cornmeal

2 eggs (beaten)

1.   Trim off the tail and the upper torso of the crab.

2.  Thoroughly dust the crab in flour, (If you are allergic to gluten, Gluten-Free Flour will suffice).  Knock off any extra flour and submerge into egg wash.  Then place into cornmeal and make sure you see little flour.

3.  On a med-high heat pan pour a little olive oil and pan fry the crab.  Should take 1-2minutes per side.

4.  Once finished place on a paper towel to soak up un-needed oil and lightly salt.

For the Salad (mix together)

2-3ea Spinach Leaves

3 Strawberries sliced thin

.5 oz unsalted sunflower seeds

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and salt to taste

Yogurt Sauce (Combine)

2oz Greek Yogurt

1tsp Prepared horseradish

2 drops of your favorite hot sauce

To Build your sandwich

*   Either whole grain pita or bread will suffice.

*   Rub Olive oil and a touch of salt on your bread.

*   Then Toast it Until warm and with a crunch.  If its too soft the bread will come apart.

*   Spread the yogurt sauce on one side of the bread.  Place the Crab next, then finish by topping it with the strawberry salad.

*   Enjoy!

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