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How to prepare for an online security breach


A recent security breach at an online video streaming service has left some people asking questions.

After a recent breach at Vudu, an online video service similar to Amazon or Netflix, customers quickly received an email.  While the company was trying to do the right thing, some customers thought it was a hoax.

Cyber expert Theresa Payton shares some details about the security breach and explains how to protect yourself when any online service you use is breached:

Criminals physically broke into the office of Vudu and stole hard drives.  The hard drives contained Vudu information, including customers' personal data such as your name, email address, date of birth, last 4 digits of your credit card (not the full card number) and your passwords.  Even though they encrypted your passwords, Vudu felt it was important that every customer change that password.

The company is suggesting that you reset  all passwords, in spite of the breached passwords having been encrypted. The company has also purchased one year of identity protection service for all of its clients.


1.  Have a different email address for sites that you make purchases from vs. your bank account.

2.  Make sure you use a DIFFERENT password for every online service you have.  Stolen passwords often end up in "password dictionaries" that get used across multiple sites.

3.  Never trust an email notification about a breach that sends you to a site to change your password.  If you get an email like this, go to the service's webpage for yourself to look for information about the breach.


Vudu has offered more information regarding the breach by clicking here and here



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