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Officials: No new cases of TB at Charlotte-area high school


Mecklenburg County health officials say there appear to be no new cases of Tuberculosis (TB) at a Charlotte area high school after a former student tested positive.

Nearly three-dozen people had to be tested earlier this week after a former student from South Mecklenburg High School tested positive for TB.

According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg school officials, the school was informed of the female student's results last week. The sick student graduated in January.

School officials looked at her school schedule to determine who she may have come into contact with.

WBTV learned that 33 students and one teacher had to undergo testing, to see if they had been exposed.

"Tuberculosis testing has been completed at South Mecklenburg High School," health officials told WBTV on Friday. "Based on the results of that testing,  there is no evidence that transmission of TB has occurred at the school."

Officials say that there is no need to test any additional students or school staff.

The students and staff who were tested this week will undergo a second round of testing in late summer to "insure transmission did not occur in recent weeks," officials say.

Officials say they do not expect anyone to become ill. 

"It is important to remember that any person testing positive for TB, no matter the situation or location, can take an antibiotic to prevent TB disease," they say.

According to a parent, who contacted WBTV, the school sent out an automated call to parents and said information would be sent home with students, as well.

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