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Powerball fever hits Charlotte, record jackpot at $600 million

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Powerball fever has officially hit the Queen City! With a record-breaking jackpot of 600 million dollars, everyone is trying their luck.

Especially at the Oakdale Grill and Deli shop in Northwest Charlotte. It was a revolving door of folks hoping their ticket is the key to the 600 million dollar jackpot.

Including Darryl Smith, of Charlotte, who plays the lottery each week.

"It's all in faith," he said. "You gotta believe."

But it's not the record breaking total -- the largest in Powerball history-- that had him carefully choose his 6 lucky numbers.

"It's not necessarily the size that really interest me, you know," he said. "It's the need."

With more than half a billion dollars to gain, you'd never need anything again.

"Take care of family first of all," said Smith when asked what he do with the winnings.  "You know from there just enjoy life. "

But this particular store was so busy Friday because it's the same one that sold a winning one million dollar ticket ahead of Wednesday's drawing -- that has yet to be claimed.

Tiffany Durham, another hopeful, took that as a good omen.

"Well, I'm feeling kind of lucky today," she said.  

She admits she doesn't usually buy into the hype.

"It's so much so I thought that I'd try my luck out today," said Durham.

In fact she's already dreaming of how she'd spend her millions.

"My children would be all set," she said, ticking off a laundry list of things she do with the money.  "College funds, new house, make sure all of our bills are paid.

The next Powerball drawing is Saturday night.

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