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Woman forges career path after Habitat home building experience


This fall, Habitat for Humanity in Charlotte will build it's 1,000th new home. When a community comes together to help one of it's own find a place to live, it is life changing.

That is happening now in west Charlotte where some dedicated students have spent several months making one family's dream come true.

For the past five years, a group of students at Olympic High School has constructed a Habitat home.

Carly Suddreth was at the dedication Friday and was a student at Olympic in 2008 when the first building project began.

"I'm still honored and shocked that we continue to this day and that we even got the first one done," Suddreth said.

Suddreth was a groudbreaker at the time who broke the gender barrier in Olympic's construction class. She was the first female student project manager.

The partner in that project, KBR Building Group, must have seen something in Carly because they offered her an internship and later a job upon her college graduation.

Now she is a project manager for commercial building projects.

"I'm finishing up the Carolinas Medical Center, Pineville, bed tower project. We are finishing up renovations there," Suddreth said.

Building for Habitat truly forged her career path and she says now there are more women than you might realize in construction. She wants that to be an inspiration to other young people.

"It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from or even how old you are. Pursue your dreams," Suddreth said.

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