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Billy Graham volunteers in Texas in aftermath of deadly tornado


Volunteers from the Billy Graham Association are in a small Texas town in the aftermath of a deadly tornado that destroyed more than a dozen homes.

The first wave of members from the Rapid Response Team boarded a plane Thursday morning to Granbury, TX.

The task at hand is a daunting one: help neighbors navigate the long and difficult road to recovery. But Al New, the deployment manager for the team said that's why it's so important they get there as soon as possible.

"The sooner we get there, the faster they get that care to help them through the process," he said. "Our goal and our mission is to bring emotional spiritual care to those who are hurt and suffering through their lost."

Once coordinators have set up the team's home -- special crisis trained chaplains will come in.

"They'll go out and start ministering to the pastors and to the first responders involved in the rescues last night as well as this morning," said New.

The team hasn't gotten much rest lately. They spent weeks in West, TX following a deadly  plant explosion that nearly leveled an entire town.

For those who wonder why they send chaplains when there are local churches, New points out the devastation impacts them as well.

"Even some of the pastors have lost their own homes," he pointed out. "They've lost their congregations maybe even lost a church."

That loss is one most can't even begin to fathom. It's also why New says they will stay until their work is done.

"We will be there until the Lord says come home," he said. "That could be two weeks, it could be a month."


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