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Charlotte Non Profit Accused of Financial Mismanagement


The only physical address linked to Transformation Services of the Carolinas is this UPS store at 5401 South Boulevard.

Inside are a number of Post Office Boxes like these, and according to a worker Colleen Bush hasn't had a P.O. Box at the South Boulevard Address, since October of last year.

However, we tracked her last known place of residence which is this home in North Charlotte. She doesn't live there anymore.

A state audit spells out where some of the money went.

Going back to 2009 her company has received more than 400 thousand dollars in North Carolina Tax Payer Dollars, but a state audit revealed a pattern of reckless spending.

It accuses her of spending 30 thousand dollars for personal items including food and dental work.

The report also says 26 thousand went to her church, and that Colleen Ross withdrew another 14 thousand from the non profits bank account.

Her business is not on the nonprofit listings at the local Better Business Bureau, but Tom Bartholomy says in cases like this P.O. Boxes at store front businesses will allow enterprises to stay below the radar.

"If they want to have a P.O. Box as well that's fine for convenience of mailing, but for transparency and accountability there's got to be that street address," He said.

In the case of Colleen Bush, the state says she should reimburse vendors who worked with her business nearly 24 thousand dollars.

Meanwhile, back at her old home, the girl who introduced herself as Kyler said folks always seem to be knocking on her door.

"I just moved in August. I had a repairman come for her car. I've had mail. I don't know where she could possibly be."

The case has also been sent to the Mecklenburg County District Attorney's Office.

She could face a number of charges including fraud and there's a whole new set of issues with the I-R-S since the state says the math on tax returns in recent years does quite add up.

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