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Classic records, rare China and more flea market finds

When America Now host Leeza Gibbons visited her father's booth at the Barnyard Flea Market in S.C., she was surprised to find a real treasure trove - some of it from her own family dinner table!

"Let's talk about Mom's china," says Leeza. "She hated this pattern. But this is really worth something. Why?"

Carlos says, "This is called Spring Violets and it was done in occupied Japan. When the war was over, everything made in Japan had to have stamped on it 'Made in Occupied Japan.' So, we have a whole set of this Spring Violets by Rossetti with 'Occupied Japan' on the back."

If you find "Occupied Japan" stamped on the bottom of your dinnerware, you've got something special.

"A set of this is worth around $2,000 or $3,000," says Carlos.

Vinyl is making a comeback and chances are you have a box of old records stowed away that could be more valuable than you think. How can you tell?

"When you get people like Elvis Presley or like Dolly Parton, or Madonna, or the Beatles," says Carlos. 

Original albums by legendary artists are items collectors always want to get their hands on.

"This is one of the most interesting pieces I know," says Carlos. "This is a handmade railroad spike that was used in the Columbia Lawrence and Newberry railroad back in 1840. The railroad track ran right in front of Irmo High school, where Leeza graduated. I've got a man who can authenticate this. So that's a very, very old railroad spike!"

Leeza had a lot of fun hanging out with her dad! And flea markets really are great venues for finding hidden gems.

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