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Meet the new Panthers Cornerback DJ Moore


Having grown up just down the road in Spartanburg, the new Carolina Panthers cornerback DJ Moore is glad to be back in the south.

Training camp is several weeks away, but Moore's been in Charlotte for a few weeks now. He says he is ready to put in the work to call the Queen City his permanent home.

When he comes to training camp, the 26-year-old needs to be in top condition if he wants to claim a starting spot.

"I think everybody is on an even playing field right now and I feel like anybody can step up and play," said Moore.

Last season, the Panthers had one of the worst defensive secondarys in the NFL.

But instead of drafting a star out of college, the team signed the former Chicago Bear.

"It does feel good because once you see a guy picked in your position especially in the high round you already know that wherever you were at you were just bumped back," said Moore.

It might be a gamble, but the Panthers hope Moore will be the missing piece to an elusive winning season.

"I hope that I can contribute more than the guy that was in the position before me so I'm just hoping I can help us win," added Moore.

It's not just fans who hope Moore can step up. He just moved his wife and newborn baby to the Queen City with him.

"Hopefully I can find a home down here and hopefully I can stay with the team," said Moore.

With just a one-year contract, if Moore doesn't perform, he could be packing his bags again. But he's not letting worry get in his way.

"I don't really have too many fears," said Moore. "I feel confident in how I play.

Moore feels his "no quit" attitude will help him call Charlotte home.

"I'm just hoping I play good enough to where either Carolina want to sign me to a three or four year deal," said Moore.

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